Monday, December 21, 2009

My Only Wish (This Christmas)

No, it's not for any particular gift; rather, to just be able to get everything done in time!

This year definitely has been one of the busiest! There just has been so much going on - so many christmas get-togethers and parties. And not including my big list of to-do's. But it really has been one of my favorite Christmases, probably because there has been so many fun things going on!

Here's a little recap:

It's started out with the Phoenix Electric Parade. It's my uncle, Jeff's, tradition to go every year.

Then, there was our Annual Christmas Party with my friends. We always do Secret Santa and make a yummy dinner.

Each of us brought stockings and stocking stuffers for each other.

And we also opened each other's gift from their Secret Santa.

One of my gifts from Heather was this Snuggie. I love it!!

These were our yummy bread bowls with soup we had for dinner

It was a really fun night!

My grandpa just had a big get together this past Saturday to go for a bus ride with my whole family around the valley to go look at Christmas lights. Oh, there was also a petting zoo there as well :)

Yes, that's a lama. There were also goats, chickens, a pig, rabbits, and a calf; all of which were completely friendly and would totally let you pick them up.

This is in front of my grandpa's house, right before we all got on the bus to go look at lights. His was pretty decked out too.

A few of my cousins.

These houses were from the ever so popular Cherry Lane in Chandler. The whole street puts up a ton of decorations and lights.

This is my amazing grandpa! :)

We went to some other spots in Gilbert, Queen Creek and Chandler. Our last stop was the Mesa Temple, my favorite.

The three wisemen were always my favorite at the Temple lights.

Kev and I have been spending more time on his new quad lately, now that my semester is over. Here are some pictures from when Kev's brother, Neal, came along with us. He took us to this place in the West Valley that was really fun and overlooked the city.

So, as you can see, it's been a pretty eventful holiday so far, but there is still more to come! I still have soooo many cookies to make for people, present wrapping, some last minute shopping and still have two more family Christmas parties! I love it though. Christmas has been really fun this year. It comes and goes way too fast for my liking. And I'm excited to spend Christmas with Kev this year.

Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

So Long, So Long....

Goodbye ASU. It was fun/agonizing/rewarding:
-experiencing college on your campuses
-meeting people
-learning a few {valuable}things
-pulling all-nighters in your libraries and study rooms
-getting a few parking tickets
-surviving the lectures taught by boring professors
-enjoying the awesome ones :)
-getting accused for "cheating" in my psych 101 class (very first semester) when I really wasn't...I just accidentally left my study guide on my lap {haha Heather and Katelyn-good times}
-taking creepy phone pics of attractive Dr. Short
-classes with Kimberly Fontes (how would have I gotten through Anatomy without her!)
-study parties at Heather's with Kim and Kelly (with the company of Kat and Becca to harrass us at times)
-getting to know the amazing institute teachers
-paying for your expensive books
-And being able to take all of the knowledge and experiences with me
So, I may be done with my last semester at ASU, but I still have nursing school to complete at MCC to get that RN license, and then a BSN (bachelor in science of nursing) to pick up at ASU. I still have quite a while until I'm completely done (because of the long waiting list), but I'll no longer be taking classes at ASU, which is sad after 2.5 years being a student there.
It definitely was fun, and I'm sure the nursing program at MCC will be just as great.